How We Think Green

If we can't reduce or reuse a product, can it be recycled ?

Through advances in recycling technology, we have more options than ever. And it's a good thing because we need to conserve as much of our resources as possible.

Recycling means using valuable raw materials like paper, glass, tin and aluminium over and over again so we don't always have to make them from scratch.

Thumb rule for recycling any recyclable

Ensure your waste is clean The first and foremost rule of recycling is cleanliness. Don't put anything into your "Usedless Bin" until it is clean.
One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch as we say, similarly one dirty product in the bin can make whole recyclables useless.

What can be Recycled ?

Paper/Cardboard Recyclable paper items include Newspapers, Office paper, Magazines, Corrugated cardboards, Diary, Gift wrapping paper, tetra packs and paper juice cartons.

Plastic Plastic containers such as cold drink and water bottles, cleaning product bottles, milk bottles.
Window cleaner and dishwashing detergent bottles. Some shampoo bottles. Cooking oil bottles.
Soft plastic bags and packaging
Cling wrap, pallet wrap and bubble wrap
Chunky polystyrene (such as used to package electronic items)

Glass Glass bottles such as wine bottles, jam jars, sauce and spice bottles, plain drinking glasses.
Ensure Jars must be clean from inside, but replace lids/caps, if possible.

Cans Beverage cans, such as cold drink and beer cans. Aerosol cans, Paint cans.
Food cans can also be collected but ensure they are cleaned thoroughly.

Electronic Waste Computers (CPUs, monitors, peripherals, keyboards), Office Equipment (photocopiers, printers, fax machines)
Televisions, Consumer Electronics (VCRs, stereos, home/office phones)

Aluminium Foil Aluminium can be recycled infinite times. So we should reuse it as much as we can, When putting in "Usedless bins" ensure foil dose not have food particles attached, otherwise it will make harder for recyclers to accept used foil.

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